What is unique about The Widows Project Grief Kit?  Most grief resources are created specifically for the widowed only.  We purposely target the “friends, family & loved ones” inviting them to engage in the lives of their widowed loved one.  Widows characteristically isolate themselves so we don’t want to isolate them further by forming systems or groups for widowed only.  We all agree that grief is best processed in a group environment.  We encourage the ‘friends, family & loved ones” to invest in the lives of their widowed loved one by purchasing one of our kits. 

First Year Care Kit
  • Kristi Smiths book, Dream….a guide to grieving gracefully
  • A certificate redeemable for Dream Companion workbook download
  • Subscription to The Widows Project eMagazine
  • A box of proprietary greeting cards strategically developed for the first year of widowhood.

More Details:

  1. Will gift a copy of Kristi Smith’s book, Dream…..a guide to grieving gracefully with its dynamic system of 5 keys to unlocking the grip of grief. This book is written by a widow, for the widowed.  She understands grief, mourning, loss, loneliness intimately and extends her compassion in her easy to understand the system. 
  2. Provide a downloadable copy of her Dream Companion workbook. This allows your loved one to journal and work thru the various stages of their grieving on their own time schedule.  This supporting workbook guides the processing of widowhood at each level.
  3. Provide a subscription to The Widows Project eMagazine filled with articles from widow to widow (how I processed my grief, what worked for me); from counselors (on how to engage with your widowed loved one); from the business owners (how to keep from being scammed); from the faith community (hopes foundation) and how to participate in our safe community called The Widows Project.
  4. Provides a First Year Care Kit that delivers a strategic card for specific times throughout the First Year to help you develop a new normal.  (While the resources are directly for the widowed, the kit is for gifting from the “friends, family & loved ones.” You give the book, the certificate, the subscription (for you and your widowed loved one each), and you send the greeting cards at specific times throughout the year!  Receiving these resources from you (a friend, family or loved one), extends compassion (without saying a word) and communicates your compassion at a time of greatest need.