Rolland Wright



Rolland is the eldest son of Nebraskan born parents that will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on June 15th.  They started their family in Wichita, Kansas and in the early sixties we all blew to Washington State, with Dorothy.  I want to honor my parents for their resiliency, steadfastness, and devotion to God and each other in the face of total loss. They lost everything material in the financial collapse of the early sixties that tested and tempered them for the rest of their lives. Today they testify of the providence of God in the move to Washington State. They are grandparents of seven and great grandparents of five.

Rolland is an alumnus of Biola University, ’82 B.S. Christian Education. He is a father of three (grandfather to five), Christopher married to Cindy (Chloe & Brenna); Jennifer married to Nick (Carter & Kaylee); Bethany (Brooke).  His favorite author is R.T. Kendall.  Favorite life verse: Acts 17:28 “In Him we live and move and have our being.” His credo, “I want to finish strong!”