Welcome Guests and Friends of The Widows Project.

We are glad that you have discovered our community of resources, programs and events designed with the widow in mind.  Here is an overview of what is available to every widow, widows’ group and every widows’ group leader.

We are proud to announce our Widow 2 Widow ministry offerings which include:

Side by Side: a mentorship program led and developed by Deanna Rode.  Widows who have healed from their grief and loss and have a strong faith in Christ may volunteer and become a trained mentor to newer widows.

Healing Together*: a small group ministry being designed by Mary Beth Woll a published author and a licensed professional counselor with Meier Clinics.  This ministry provides ongoing, weekly small group emotional support.   

Widows’ Group Formation: Rebecca Rodda, our director of Widows’ Group Formation & Network, assists leaders of widows’ groups, churches who would like to begin a widows’ group, or a widow who would like to see a group formed in her church. Rebecca currently leads a group of 70 widows in Seattle.

1-844-4WIDOWS Prayer Line* and Intercessors Network:  Led by Linda Smith, this ministry empowers The Widows Project by praying for the widow, herself, and for everything involved in the widows’ ministry.

We hope that you will register with The Widows Project as we offer a lifeline of support and resources for you as a widow, as a leader of widows, as a Church seeking to minister to the widow in your community, as a volunteer or as a business owner who shares our compassion for the widow.  By registering your information, we will be able to keep connected and provide you with the latest information, resources, seminars and events. 


Rolland Wright, President & Founder 

*indicates in process & not yet active