Don’t Lose Heart! Widows Celebrate Together!

We named our Thursday night widows group after a book our leaders wrote. Mary Beth Woll and Linda Smith wrote “Don’t Lose Heart: A Widow’s Guide to Growing Stronger” in the fall of 2020, not long after we started meeting, and it was published in January of 2021. Our group has been meeting weekly for almost a year on Zoom. We get together to encourage each other and learn more about how God is going to help us get through this transition in our lives. We widows have become part of each others’ lives in the process. 

We recognized each other by name and face, but we had never met in person. The opportunity came when one of our members announced that she was feverishly weaving baskets for the Anacortes Arts Festival. Then someone got the idea that it would be fun to see those baskets. And someone else suggested that maybe some of us could meet in person at the festival. Plans were quickly made to carpool, if practical, and meet at the Island Café for lunch on Friday.

When we got to the festival, we all needed to see each others’ Zoom faces first so we could recognize each other. It was then that we learned who was short, who had a ponytail on the back of their head, and how our friends carried themselves when they walked. We were all so happy to update our friendships. It seemed more complete.

After lunch, we went to the basket booth and feasted our eyes on her talent displayed there. We took pictures together, I think just for proof that we are real women and we were really there. It seemed like a dream. Then we headed out in groups to see the artists and their wares. We stayed together as long as possible, but we eventually got lost in the beauty of the day and the dream that just came true.

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