The Power of Prayer

The Lord spoke to me about the power of prayer when I first became a believer about 24 years ago.  Back then, I was focused on my marriage more than anything else, and so 20 years ago, I started a prayer ministry at my church to bring other like-minded women together to pray for our husbands. We also welcomed non-married and widowed women, as there was no other venue for weekly prayer for their concerns.  
I still look forward each week for our getting together. We find we are always blessed by the time we spend together, and feel that we have accomplished something important.
One of the women in my prayer group is Linda Smith. She approached me several months ago about becoming the prayer leader for The Widows Project weekly prayer time. She knew me and my dedication to bring before the Lord “everything in prayer.“
I have now been leading prayer for TWP for many months, and again, it is a time I cherish. Prayer gets answered; not always in the affirmative, but I notice there are more “yeses” from You, Lord, as we continue to pray.  And then God also leads us in ways that we never thought we would be going. For example, TWP is also looking into helping orphan children who have lost and grieve one or two parents.  Lord God, we give You praise!
Over just these past several months, I have seen books being written, edited and taught to an increasing number of widowed individuals.  I see individuals at TWP recognizing God’s hand in the ministry.  Whether it’s someone stepping up to become a leader in the ministry, to make room for more ministry in French speaking countries, to donation of time and skill in converting written books into audio, God is providing!
This kind of service for the widowed is not as prevalent as we would have thought, but is necessary to deal with this unique grieving process. TWP has stepped into the gap. I am privileged to be a part of this ministry. Again I see the productivity of prayer in the process of moving ahead in what God wants us to do.

Barb Snow
Prayer Leader for The Widows Project

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