About The Widows Project

We create, develop and gather resources for the Widowed, regarding Widowhood.


We are building a safe online Community for the Widowed to process their loss and all that is involved with widowhood. We encourage you to join us! Whether you are a widow, a loved one, or a supporter of our community, we welcome you to get connected and invite others. ♥


We are developing a directory of Partner Businesses, locally and beyond, who have demonstrated their commitment to ethically serving widows and our community. At the owner’s discretion, some have offered to provide discounts for those in our community of need.



We provide intentional, proactive assistance and resources to Churches and Community Organizations to connect with the widowed in their communities. Help us reach those in our communities that would benefit from these resources.

Who We Are

Our Beliefs

Scripture:  “This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit….widows in their distress…..”

If James is correct, that the “purest and undefiled” expression of love is being of service to the widowed, then why would we want to do any less?  Even Matthew records that Jesus told us that those who “inherit” the kingdom, practice a care of service to Him when we do it “to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.”  Do we actually see the social gospel married to the salvation gospel?  Jesus didn’t teach either/or, He taught both!  Statistical evidence sites that over 700,000 women become widows in the U.S.A. every year.  Those numbers do not include the men who lose their wife annually.  I have watched the Church emphasize a new “must serve” group every decade since the 60’s.  First it was the Youth Group movement, then Children’s ministry with buses, Singles and then Recovery groups of all kinds.  All were worthy ministries while the widowed have been ignored.

The Gap between what is and what ought to be is enormous!

The timing and the opportunity are great for those who want to be obedient to the word and have a vision for ministering to Jesus by serving those who are disadvantaged by loss.  The widowed of our communities are vulnerable to those who would prey on and take advantage of them.  We purpose to not only create a safe community so that they can process widowhood but also provide services and products from the Kingdom Business Community that are intentionally committed to ethically and honestly provide their services.  Together we can uniquely serve the widow and widower with the love of Jesus.

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Our President’s Message

People regularly ask me why and how I chose to develop an organization for the widowed.  The answer that I give them is that there has been a process in my life that has led me to the formation of The Widows Project. 

Approximately ten years ago I read a book called The Divine Mentor that challenged me to develop a daily disciplined lifestyle of journaling and making application of what I had read in the Bible. 

Then about five years later I read The Hole in Our Gospel which exposed the hole in my gospel and application of the Word in my living among mankind.  The Bible and the Spirit transformed the inner man and the later book led me to find my “do” among men.  I searched the Word for a specific answer and researched various people groups on the internet. I found many organizations that do great work among the poor, the disadvantaged, the third world orphan, provide water and medicines, schools and homes but among the faith community in our nation, I found little for the widowed.  Yes, I found organizations for the widowed military, firefighters, police and the fishing industry in Seattle, but in the organized church in America, not so much.


The widowed group as a whole has been ignored and invisible.  They are not a group that seeks attention, nor are they a group that wants to impose on anyone.  They suffer in almost total anonymity and obscurity.  They have become almost invisible, yet there are 700,000 women who lose their husbands each year and 13.6 million widows (women) in the United States.

It is my vision to uniquely serve the widow and widower with the love of Jesus.  The Widows Project will put a face on Widowhood, be an advocate for their issues and partner with the local Church with focused, strategic strategies in finding the widowed and reaching out to you.

I want to conclude by apologizing to the Widowed, for not understanding my Biblical responsibility and not seeing you sooner.  The Widows Project is here for you!  It is my mission to be a voice for you to the Kingdom Community, the Church, compelling us to Rise to the Call. If this is “pure religion” as James proclaims, we can do no less!

Rolland Wright, President & Founder
The Widows Project

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
James 1:27

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Statement of Faith

We believe in God The Father, Creator of the universe; Jesus Christ His Son who has a name above all names, was born of a virgin, conceived of the Spirit, and lived a sinless, perfect life. That Jesus was submissive to the will of His Father, enduring the cross, purchasing redemption for all mankind. He died and was buried, rising on the third day victorious over death and the grave. That He appeared to many witnesses over a period of forty days ascending into Heaven where He is seated at the right hand of the Father. Ten days after His ascension Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as promised.  We also believe in The Holy Spirit, who’s ministry includes baptism, regeneration, anointing, indwelling, guiding, teaching,  empowering, sanctifying, comforting, joy, discernment, fruit, gift giving and bearing witness.  We believe that the Godhead is eternal, coexisting before the foundation of the world.  We believe that on Pentecost, that the Holy Spirit baptized and filled Jesus’ called, with power to be His witnesses in all the world.  Just as He promised to build a place for us, He has promised to come again someday.  We eagerly look for His return.  We also believe that just as He has commissioned us to make disciples, He has task us with the responsibility to care for the widow, the orphan, the poor and disadvantaged and to the extent that we do for the least of these, we will have done it to Him.

Who We Are

Our Team 

Rolland Wright

Rolland Wright


About Rolland

Rolland is the eldest son of Nebraskan born parents that will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary on June15th.  They started their family in Wichita, Kansas and in the early sixties we all blew to Washington State, with Dorothy.  I want to honor my parents for their resiliency, steadfastness, and devotion to God and each other in the face of total loss. They lost everything material in the financial collapse of the early sixties that tested and tempered them for the rest of their lives. Today they testify of the providence of God in the move to Washington State. They are grandparents of seven and great grandparents of five. Rolland is an alumnus of Biola University, ’82 B.S. Christian Education. He is a father of three (grandfather to five), Christopher married to Cindy (Chloe & Brenna); Jennifer married to Nick (Carter & Kaylee); Bethany (Brooke).  His favorite author is R.T. Kendall.  Favorite life verse: Acts 17:28 “In Him we live and move and have our being.” His credo, “I want to finish strong!”


John Griffith

John Griffith

Board Member Emeritus

Rick McGregor

Rick McGregor

Group Grief Facilitator

Glenice Pearson

Glenice Pearson

Board Member

About Glenice

Glenice is a native of WA State, growing up in the Skagit Valley in the small community of Lyman. Following graduation from Sedro Woolley High School, she attended Northwest University and graduated with a B.A. in Christian Education in 1965. She is the oldest in her family, with one sister and two brothers. Glenice and her husband Dave were married for 50 years and have two children: Brian (married to Roxanne) and Brenda (married to Loran Lichty); along with 5 grandchildren. Dave was a Pastor for over 40 years and together they served churches in Marblemount, Silverdale, Renton, Lake Stevens and Everett. Glenice also worked in the public school systems in the Kent and Lake Stevens School Districts for over 15 years.


Glenice became a widow on November 18, 2014.  In the following months she once again became part of the staff of Bethany Christian Assembly in Everett and among other areas, serves on the Grief Support Team through a group for widows called Circle of Friends and helps to coordinate GriefShare classes and Surviving the Holidays.


It is with her background in ministry, leadership, and being a widow that she feels honored to serve on the board of The Widows Project.


Loree Cameron


Deanna Rode

Mentorship Director