Meet Josie Rosler

the new voice of Don’t Lose Heart! A Widow’s Guide to Growing Stronger “What is it like to be a voice actress? How do you record an audiobook?” I’m frequently asked these questions, especially when meeting someone new. And if they’re being more honest, they’ll quietly add, “What exactly is voice acting?” I used toContinue reading “Meet Josie Rosler”

Don’t Lose Heart! Widows Celebrate Together!

We named our Thursday night widows group after a book our leaders wrote. Mary Beth Woll and Linda Smith wrote “Don’t Lose Heart: A Widow’s Guide to Growing Stronger” in the fall of 2020, not long after we started meeting, and it was published in January of 2021. Our group has been meeting weekly forContinue reading “Don’t Lose Heart! Widows Celebrate Together!”

a message from the president

July 2021 Connect Newsletter July is a month which, in the past, has been associated with patriotism, vacations, youth camp and Vacation Bible School. I saw a poster for “Vacation Bible Adventure” at a local church recently. I remember fondly my childhood experiences at Vacation Bible School. It was more academic back then. It wasContinue reading “a message from the president”

How to Find a Great Therapist

“Wait a second! Find a therapist?!? Do I need therapy? With a little willpower, I could handle this on my own, right?” The truth is, everybody needs counsel, at one time or another, from loved ones, trusted family and friends, pastors, mentors, and professionals. Taking this important step could save a person’s life and potentiallyContinue reading “How to Find a Great Therapist”

The magnitude of your JOY!

In this last year, since Easter 2020, we have all suffered loss. COVID-19 provided us all the opportunity to see how we handle life when it gets hard. You may already know that I (Linda Smith) recently coauthored a book that came out in January, 2021. That was a first for me. It’s called Don’tContinue reading “The magnitude of your JOY!”