Our Volunteers


Ambassadors are the foundation of The Widows Project (TWP). We regard every organizational leader, including the members of the Executive Board and the President, to be Ambassadors. 

The foremost role of Ambassadors is to be followers of faith in Jesus, and then advocates of care for the widowed. We ask Ambassadors to introduce The Widows Project to their faith community, pastor and their sphere of influence. We encourage Ambassadors to engage with TWP in supporting our events, programs and projects.  

The acronym TIME helps define an Ambassador’s role: 

T—is for Time: Volunteering for practical projects of care for the widowed 
I – is for Influence: Everyone has a circle of influence 
–is for Money: Model generosity to the Widowed Community 
– Engage as a “Doer” of the word 

We ask that Ambassadors pray for us consistently. Prayer is and has been at the core of TWP since its inception. We always want to stay connected to the source of everything. 

Most Ambassadors have been invited to participate in facilitating a group grief class, or helping plan or staff an event, or manage a day project like helping pack for a move or provide transportation to a doctor’s appointment. 

If you would like to be considered for Ambassadorship, please fill out an application (below) and request an interview. We are always looking for volunteers.  

Circle of Care Volunteers (COC) 

Volunteers are needed and deeply appreciated. A wide range of opportunities are available depending on your interests. Annually, we have two events for the widowed.  

May 3rd is National Widows Day: This event has been celebrated with a banquet or a dessert bar; entertainment, a guest speaker, gifts, coupons or gift certificate in past years. Creativity and generosity can take this event to another level and honoring the widowed. 

Christmas Concert: This event is an opportunity to begin a new tradition for the widowed, awaken the community at large to the needs of the widowed, celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and spread joy.  

Compelled to Serve: Our annual Benefit event. The first inaugural event was a sit-down dinner for forty (2019). This year we held a Benefit zoom meeting hosted by TWP and our emcee Chuck Olmstead on March 22nd.  

We need an Event Coordinator to manage these three events. 

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