Our President & Executive Board

700,000 women lose their husbands each year.

There are 1,360,000 widows in the U.S.

It’s our vision to uniquely serve the widow and widower with the love of Jesus.

The Widows Project puts a face on widowhood, advocates for their issues and partners with their local church with focused, strategic strategies to find the widowed and reach out to comfort them.

Meet our team!


Rolland Wright


Rolland credits his passion for the scriptures as leading him to the awareness of the widowed community. The book of James in particular leads us to understand that the purest religion is caring for the widow and orphan. 

His books include The Widows Project: Serving the Widowed with The Father’s Heart and Bond Slave: The Inconvenient Truth about our Identity in Jesus

Rolland has been interviewed on local radio at 820 AM The Word, with Chuck Olmstead’s, Heart of the City. He strives to assist the community of faith Internationally, to see the widowed and advocate for their care. 

Rolland is a Christian Educational graduate of BIOLA University, in La Mirada, CA.


Cindy Welk


Cindy Welk grew up as a pastor’s kid and has always felt compassion towards hurting people.  When her dad was diagnosed with dementia and later passed away, she saw the help her mom needed on a day-to-day basis.  Cindy began to wonder, what do people do who don’t have family to support them?

When Cindy met Rolland Wright (the founder of TWP) she knew she wanted to support this worthy cause and is now serving as a Board Member.  In addition, as a Realtor, Cindy has worked with several widows to walk through the sensitive process of getting ready to sell their homes to take the next steps in their life journey.

Mark Ost


Mark and Denise Ost have been on the mission field together for 40+ years.

Mark was raised as an “M.K.” in Mexico, where his parents faithfully served the Lord for many years.

In addition to pastoring Faith, Hope and Love Church – “Eglise Foi, Espérance et Amour” in Paris, Mark travels and leads two other congregations, one of which is a large French speaking Chinese Church.

The Widows Project is blessed to have Mark’s leadership in France and Mexico. He introduced TWP to Ruth Ann Martinez (Mark’s sister, widowed and TWP Director in Mexico) to our organization and has engaged in facilitating a zoom grief call for the widowed men in Mexico and serving as a member of the TWP Executive Board.

The Ost’s have been blessed with two sons: Bryan & Michael and 5 daughters: Monique, Esther, Ruby, Rachael, Sarah. Five are married and all seven children love the Lord, serving Him and the Church.

Rick Ruchty


Rick Ruchty became involved with The Widows Project after meeting Rolland Wright at a breakfast event.  They shared a strong belief that the church has a responsibility to the widowed. 

As a General Contractor of 40 years, Rick often saw that widows need guidance with home projects. 

Over the years he has worked with Habitat for Humanity and participated in numerous foreign missions construction projects.  He has served in churches as a lay person for over 50 years.

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