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Thank you for choosing The Widows Project!  We are an online safe community for the widowed, where both men and women may come to acquire helpful information and resources, assisting you in processing widowhood.  We aim to provide practical help from a variety of sources including digital media, articles about issues of widowhood, professional business owners, financial and legal services, contractors, other non profits and volunteers that also might be widowed.  Additionally, we want to help those who are more recently widowed and in need of grief support.  We have a grief support series just for you.

So, whether you have been widowed recently or long term but would like to be a member of our community there are resources for you.  We want to embrace you at all ages and all stages of widowhood.

Please enroll for free and receive the various gifts and resources that we are offering.  They are our expression of love for you.

Again, thank you for choosing The Widows Project and honoring us with your presence.

We desire to stay in touch with you as we add services and promote events that will be helpful to you, so, please provide us with a current and accurate email.


To uniquely serve Widows and Widowers with the love of Jesus, then, provide that model to a coalition of ministries that Champion the intentional ministry of serving the Widow and Widower with the love of Jesus.

The Widows Project

Incredible Worth

The Widowed have incredible worth and value; and the Kingdom citizens have a responsibility to uniquely care for them.  They are generally ignored, overlooked, invisible, under served and under resourced.

The Widows Project

Biblical Mandate

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

The Widows Project

A Great Need

We must identify who the widowed are in our communities. By putting a face on widowhood we find that they are our grandparents, our parents and as we age, they are our brothers and sisters.

The Widows Project

Helping The Disadvantaged

We believe that when the true Kingdom citizens see the need that they will “arise” and take action. We want to come alongside the Church and Community Organizations in cooperation, providing resources, tools, and intentional help to meet the need of widowhood.

I am really excited about the Widows project. I have felt for sometime these are among the most overlooked people in our society. Yet God defines true religion as that which cares for the Widows. There could not be a more timely ministry and a more qualified, gifted, man of integrity then Rolland Wright to direct this ministry.

Dr. John Dammarell Executive Director Liberty Road Foundation

The clear call of Scripture is for every Christian and every Church to care for the widow and the orphan (James 1:27). It is imperative that we discover the needs of the widowed and offer real solutions within the context of Christian community. Rolland Wright and The Widows Project is seeking to do this very thing. I believe that the efforts of this ministry will provide tools and perspective that are necessary for people to take up the cause of the widowed.

Ben Dixon Director - 'Ignite Global Ministries', Author of 'Hearing God'

Anyone who wants to take God and his ways seriously has to recognize and address the call to care for the orphan and widow, those who historically do not have the ability to provide for themselves. While many seek to address the need of the orphan (and do so with excellence), the care of the widow (widower) is still needed. The Widows Project is the passionate mission to provide a wholistic approach to walk with widows through the multifaceted reality of loss, including both practical address of need alongside the emotional dynamics of grief. I’m excited by the launch of this ministry. May God bless and extend care to many through The Widows Project.

Chris Manginelli Sr. Pastor Mill Creek Four Square

The Widows Project is a wonderful way to create consistent and meaningful relationships with those in our community that might not otherwise have anyone to call friend or family. We are called as christians to take care of the widows and the orphans and this project is doing just that. As a fellow non-profit we completely support their effort to love others well and we are honored to partner with them this year.


Mollie Jahner President Dirt Reborn

It is with joy I share my thoughts on Rolland Wrights vision “The Widows Project”. This area of service that is mandated by God himself is one of the most neglected areas of service in what is called church throughout our cities and the world. James tells us: Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world (James 1:27). In Paul’s letter to Timothy he devotes a large part of his letter to instructing the church on how to properly conduct ministry to widows. In the Law of Moses we are instructed that we can either be blessed or even cursed by God as He watches how we treat widows. Yet in 36 years of ministry I have never seen the likes of what the Lord has shown Rolland to do through the widow’s project. He has seen the God mandate that this area of service must be restored to action within the church. The Widows Project is a vision to network globally and locally by networking widows to quality resources and the resources of Christian businesses and ministries to the widows that need them. I praise our God for such a ministry as this returning to the Lords church and encourage you to prayerfully consider what part & role you may have in this work! God Bless!

Apostle Steven Anderson Answer the Call Ministries & The Alliance for Christian Unity


As a media Gerontologist and a widow myself, I truly appreciate the work that Rolland Wright and his organization, The Widows Project, are doing to further the health and well-being of many older adults. Widows of both genders are emotionally side-lined in their grief, especially the first two years. Women of the common age group that widows usually populate have not been able to prepare for old age financially, and this fact will be disastrous for our society. In that light, is very heartening to view the mission and vision of The Widows Project. Here is an organization full of people wanting to make a real difference in the lives of our wonderful widows! I say: “Yay and Amen!” Consider what part you might have in the blessing (James 1:27) of caring for widows in a relevant way. It really does matter!

Di Patterson, MSG, CPG, is a noted media Gerontologist. She has been honored to receive the 2012 Senior Care Hero Awards Outstanding Advocate, Gerontologist and Educator of the Year, give the 2013 commencement speech for her Master’s alma mater, California State University, Fullerton’s Gerontology Program, and be a featured author in her Bachelor’s alma mater, Biola University’s BIOLA Magazine. In 2015, Di was the guest Gerontologist on NBC’s The TODAY Show. In 2016, Di added 3 more National Mature Media Awards, bringing her total since 2008 to 7. Di owns the development company, Success in Aging Centers®, Inc., and writes and posts videos at DiPatterson.com.

Di Patterson MSG, CPG | DiPatterson.com