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The God Who Sees
We recently sent “The God Who Sees” to our leadership, and it …
The magnitude of your JOY!
In this last year, since Easter 2020, we have all suffered loss. …
Part 2: TWP interview.
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Part 1: TWP interview.
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A word from our President and Founder

Welcome to the new premier virtual community for the widowed of the nations, hosted by The Widows Project and headquartered in Everett, Washington, USA. We are a virtual hub for resources designed to help the widowed process grief and be restored to wholeness. We understand grief and loss.

This is our newest published book, Don’t Lose Heart! A Widow’s Guide to Growing Stronger which is aimed at a widow’s heart. The format of the book lends itself to small group use but could be done individually.  Currently, we are working on a male complement titled, Take Heart which we hope will be published and available late 2021.  

In the recent months, we have extended our reach to Mexico and France with Zoom grief support groups based on Don’t Lose Heart!. To support these new groups, translators are working on Spanish and French versions of Don’t Lose Heart! which we hope to launch in 2021. 

The Widows Project is becoming known as The Source for ministry resources for the widowed. New virtual and in-person grief groups, based on our books, are being formed regularly. Check our Directory of Widowed Groups for the group nearest you.   

Please visit our new eCommerce store. We can help you get your group started. 

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President/Founder of TWP

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We are building a safe online community for the widowed to process their loss and all that is involved with widowhood. We encourage you to join us! Whether you are a widow, a loved one, or a supporter of our community, we welcome you to get connected and invite others. 

Full Circle Businesses

We have developed a directory of trusted and endorsed businesses, locally and beyond, who have demonstrated their commitment to ethically serving widows and our community. At the owners’ discretion, some have offered to provide discounts for those in our community of need.


We provide intentional, proactive assistance and resources to churches and community organizations to connect with the widowed in their communities. Help us reach those in our communities that would benefit from these resources.

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